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WHATABURGER SURVEY: “If food is the need, the burger is the want.” Taking the above phrase as the new world phenomenon, people now have become more addicted to fast foods, especially to burgers and pizzas on a high scale, not just because they are delicious but are addictive too. Are you one of that adherent fan of burgers, then why not grab burgers from the perfect abode of burgers, WHATABURGER, Texas.

Whataburger’s history tracks back to the time these fast foods came into existence, probably around 1950. This restaurant was initially established in San Antonio which is in Texas, the USA by Harmon Dobson who is a great, sincere and determined entrepreneur. They produce one of the best hamburgers in the country, thereby justifying their name. There are also other exciting dishes in its menu like “Whataburger”, “Whatachick’n”, “Justaburger”, a breakfast menu and many more. There are also in fact very customizable which makes it more customer-friendly. This feature is expressed through their motto which is “Just like you like it.” Through its efficient working and delicious meals, their need to expand and cross physical boundaries was evident. They branched not just to 5/6 stores but to 800 stores which are established throughout the South-eastern and South-western regions of the USA.

The real purpose of this blog is to elucidate you about the Whataburger Customer Survey conducted by Whataburger and about its freebies. Can’t wait to know what it is? Scroll down to read and understand it better.

WHATABURGER SURVEY: “A genuine and honest feedback is the real applause for one’s victory.”

A survey is a means of getting to know the real reaction of the receiver, either for a product or service or even communication. Just like any other forum, Whataburger through its Service Management Group has also organized a survey based on its products or dishes, in its official survey website, so as to understand the voices of its customers in a more deliberate and effective manner. This is a much-secured forum and is a platform that encourages honest answers or queries or even suggestions to make their services and productions reach an even higher standard.

“Satisfy your customers first so as to satisfy your other stakeholder’s aspirations.”

Whataburger not just aims in making its customers share their honest reviews but also rewards them with their free, delicious and exciting savories. The freebie provided for all those customers who make a purchase of ‘medium fry and drink’, by using the coupon, is a ‘free Whataburger’. Already on your knees to win this? Do not delay, rush to your nearest Whataburger store and buy the prescribed meal in the listed manner so as to get a free ‘Whataburger’.

Whataburger Survey

Official Survey Link: www.whataburgersurvey.com

Before we get into the procedures and other essential details about this survey and about how to redeem the free prize, let us first understand the main objectives for conducting this survey in a more serious manner.

Insight Objectives:

  1. The first and foremost reason behind this Whataburger Survey conducted by Whataburger is to satisfy its customers by fulfilling their expectations, which are enlisted through their feedbacks provided in this survey.
  2. To get into the shoes of the customer and understand the perspective of them regarding the restaurant’s food / Whataburger’s dishes so as to improve and alter accordingly.
  3. To highlight the performances of Whataburger’s various branches. This helps the boss to take necessary actions, if necessary.
  4. To enhance worker’s performance through regular study and observance of customer’s reviews and feedbacks through these surveys.


“Meet the norms before you gain its benefits.”

This survey conducted by Whataburger is actually a public platform open to the general public but with a few rules and regulations which will state the eligible candidate quite easily. Therefore the rules and regulations to be followed during or while taking up this survey are:


“Required requirements are required for required participation and smooth functioning.”

After reading the eligibility criteria or the rules and regulations of this Whataburger Survey, you would have drawn a conclusion on the fact ‘Am I eligible to participate in this survey?’ Apart from making sure that you are eligible enough to participate in this survey, it is also required that you meet some mandatory requirements to start and perform your survey.


“Step-by-step makes you reach the end, slow and steady.”

Now is time to reveal the actual procedures involved in taking up this survey and in executing it in the right manner. Follow the procedures correctly to not mess or mix-up in the middle. Meanwhile, remember the rules and regulations.

  1. The operating system should be prepared by connecting it to the internet so as to start surveying Whataburger’s burgers and others.
  2. Once your device is connected to the Internet, you can now open a browser like Chrome or Opera and many more.
  3. If your browser is now open, type the following link in the search bar: www.whataburgersurvey.com and start surveying officially.
  4. Follow the image given below to understand how the link would appear to you.
  5. You can also change the website’s language either to English or to Spanish according to your convenience.
  6. All you have to do right now is to have your survey code entered in the blank boxes given in the website and press START. If in case you do not have the survey code then use the link provided under the blank field which will expect you to enter the store number (which is on your receipt’s top half) where you ate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Whataburger Survey
  7. Congratulations. You are now ready to provide your heart-felt answers for the questions related to Whataburger’s fast foods, their services and your experiences in their restaurants. Initially explain your type of visit and then express your satisfaction through ratings.
  8. Just make sure your answers are genuine and honest as this answer of yours will make a big difference. Now your survey after so many exciting and interesting questionnaires is over.
  9. The validation code should reach you soon after you complete the survey.
  10. Special offers are printed on the validation code which can be used while eating at Whataburger again.


“Redeem what you have earned before it withers away.”

Once you are done surveying the products, services, and experiences in Whataburger, a Whataburger coupon will reach you. Here are some steps to be followed to redeem the coupon.


“Ask the right question in the right way to get the right answers.”

Whataburger is actually conducting this survey to understand its customers and their preferences better. Therefore, the questions asked in the survey are closely related and checked fortis accuracy and efficiency so as to make this survey a successful one.

Some of the common topics under which questions are asked in the survey are:

These are only some of the common topics dealt with in this survey. Hope this was helpful in getting a rough idea about this Whataburger survey.


“Get in touch, let’s have a Burger.”


whataburger survey

“Work while you work, rest while you rest and enjoy while you enjoy.”

Whataburger is a firm or a restaurant which functions mostly on all days except on huge occasions like Easter Sunday, Christmas and even for Thanksgiving. Apart from these days, you can always find a way to have your delicious and tasty meal and fast foods in Whataburger. Even on New Year’s Day or on Valentine’s Day, Easter Monday, Good Friday, Halloween Veterans Day, Independence Day (which comes on July 4th), Christmas Eve and the days after that and many more have Whataburger working. This is, in fact, one of its special element or feature which attracts many to it.

There is, in fact, 4-time slots or shifts in which this restaurant works. Starting from early morning, afternoon, evening and overnight. Only during the following timings, this restaurant works:

Breakfast starts at 6 am and ends at 12 pm, while its afternoon schedule begins at 11 am and ends at 5 pm. With no breaks, the evening shift starts from 5 pm and goes till 11 pm and its last shift, the ‘overnight’ one starts from 11 pm and turns till 6 am, leading to a circle of 24hours.


“Solve your query to perform better.”

Here are some of the familiar questions asked by the customers, especially based on rewards and their acclaiming.

How to sign up for the rewards program?

Use the Google Store or App Store and download the Whataburger App. Now sign up or create a new account in the App and there you go, your rewards program will be automatically initiated.

Is it possible to earn visits at any branch of Whataburger?

Just use your location option to find out the branches which participate in this rewards program and earn your visits there.

Before redeeming the coupon, can I gain more than 1 reward?

You can gain more than 1 reward before redeeming the coupon. However, it is to be noted that only one reward can be claimed at a time.

Is it necessary to keep a record of all of my purchase transactions?

You don’t have to do all those as the App will do those for you by storing all your qualifying purchases for the rewards. If you want to access it, then go to More (for iOS) and Navigation menu (for Android) and click Account History.

How to use the app to check the rewards that are available?

Open the App and go to the Rewards homepage which is the exact place to know the available rewards. Apart from this, even Barcode can be approached to check available rewards.

Can more than one reward be redeemed for a single transaction?

For now, such provisions are not made. Only one reward can be redeemed for a single transaction.

How can I earn visits? What is Visits actually?

“Gain more by paying less.”

If you spend a minimum of $0.01 in any of the Whataburger Branches, then you earn a visit. You tend to earn free food if you earn 5 such visits.

In short, this blog is all about Whataburger Customer Survey, its application, objectives, procedures, rules, and regulations involved, redeeming the rewards, FAQs, and consists of Whataburger Customer Care’s contact details as well. This is a brilliant opportunity to gain more by just eating what you actually love. All you have to do is simply follow the instructions and go with the flow, which will eventually take you to a place of coupons and rewards. Reach out to Whataburger and say, “WHAT A BURGER!”